• Lana Watts

Psychedelic jobs: Careers in the psychedelics ecosystem

The third psychedelic renaissance is in full swing. Unlike the resurgence in the sixties, investment into the research and development of psychedelic plant medicines has the backing of both academia, the private sector and a growing number of government agencies.

Researchers have worked tirelessly for decades to debunk institutionally ingrained myths to get these drugs off schedule one and legally provide psychedelic assisted psychotherapy.

The first FDA approval could come as soon as 2022.

That is not a lot of time to build out a world that supports this treatment. Psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy has enormous potential, but its impact will be limited if we don't have the infrastructure, resources and talent in place to make it happen.

An ecosystem of companies have emerged in the past 18 months, in anticipation of the coming roll-out of therapy and related services. These companies are searching for talented and passionate individuals to help make their vision a reality.

Psychedelic jobs encompass a huge range of professions and expertise. Beyond the obvious need for researchers, scientists and specially trained therapists, there’s a need for sales, marketing, finance, legal, tech, operations, HR, office managers, design, writers, volunteers, and more.

You can also browse the full list of vacancies on the Psychedelics Community Job Board, and subscribe to get notified whenever one matches your expertise.

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